AVMC Long Term Retreat Program

We are pleased to announce that Appamada Vihari Meditation Center is also open for long term practitioner who wishes to stay here for Personal retreat with guidance by assistant teacher or Self retreat without guidance. Effective date: 1st December 2014 till further notice.

  • Instructions are mainly in English and Mandarin
  • Audio CDs and Dhamma books are available both in English and in Chinese.
  • All practitioners are expected to observe 8 precepts and AVMC rules & regulations
  • We apologize that we are unable to accept those with serious health problems, such as clinical mental disorder, contagious diseases, degenerative diseases requiring special attention...etc
  • Approval is also subject to availability of space and the availability of teacher for guided retreat. 

To apply, please read the instructions below before submitting the application form :-

Any enquiry, please email to appamadavihari@gmail.com

Self Retreat  




1 How to practice loving kindness
2 How to practice Metta Bhavana
3 Anapanasati 
4 Concentration
5 How to deepen concentration
  Benefits of concentration(1)
  Benefits of concentration(2-3)
  Benefits of concentration(3)
6 Four Elements Meditation
7 Contemplation of Feeling
8 Contemplation of Mind
9 Moment to moment practice
10 How to practice mindfulness while eating
11 Mindfulness of breathing for beginners
12 The Power of Mind 


个人禅修 (佛法开示)

1. 中国双灵寺_慈心禅
2. 出入息的修法
3. 美國洛杉機-安般念止禅指導
4. 美國洛杉機--安般念止禅的修行法門
5. 四念处之修行工作坊
6. 随观心法
7. 美国洛杉机--杀那杀那之修行
8. 美国菩提学会--毒蛇经
9. 新加玻净名_修行的道路


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