What is Nibbana ?

The Absolute and Ultimate Release Beyond!

A wandering friend once asked the Great Disciple:
Friend Sariputta, NibbānaNibbāna  is it said! What is this Nibbāna?
The destruction of Greed, the destruction of Hate, and the destruction of 
! This, friend, is called 
Nibbāna …

But, friend, is there a method, is there a way to reach this Nibbāna?
There is indeed a method, friend, there is indeed a way to reach 
What, friend, is then this method, what is then that way to reach 
It is, friend, simply the completion of this Noble 8-fold Way, namely:

Right View  (sammā-ditthi)
Right Motivation  (sammā-sankappa)
Right Speech  (sammā-vācā)
Right Action  (sammā-kammanta)
Right Livelihood  (sammā-ājīva)
Right Effort  (sammā-vāyāma)
Right Awareness  (sammā-sati)
Right Concentration  (sammā-samādhi)

This is undeniably the very method, friend, the only way to reach Nibbāna!
Oh excellent is this unique method, exquisite is this way to reach 
This –in itself- is enough for me, friend Sariputta, to begin the endeavour!

Source: http://what-buddha-said.net/drops/II/What_is_Nibbana.htm

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