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Posted by: manish01 on 09/29/2016 04:14 AM

Topic: Abhidhamma Book


Added by myy
December 2, 2016

heart; happiness is living in your heart, in fact, the feeling of happiness is happiness.Life is difficult to swallow a glass of wine. You know that bitter, have to drink, because a responsibility; knowing tasteless, have entrance, as a necessity; knows will be drunk, just let me have to, because a helpless one kind of run around one kind of goodness. Life is sometimes like hell. No sun, only darkness only fumble, because they do not give up; there is no hope, only by adhering only difficult, because tears; not breathing, had had clenched teeth, because at heart. Want to be more wind in the sky, no injury worries, free to roam; to become more like the branches of leaves, seasons, food drink dew wind; want to be more water in the river, along with the time fly. Enjoy the quiet life, quality is life like, let your heart calm regrets. Then a strong man but also vulnerable, and then open-minded people who have wronged. Sometimes tears, does not mean weakness, but was really hurt; sometimes happiness is a pursuit. Just happy, you are not missing anything. Things more worries, calm come from anterior fog confused, not lost heart, normal life, going around in circles day, between the ups and downs in life, do not entangled in the injury suffered, walk of life in the world, should not despise himself, nor perseverance, not to discard their original mind. Learn to forget, forget the wounds of life have left, the road to easy, comfortable travel.If discard their direction, even forget the hurt, forget themselves, but added injury on injury. He picked up his own heart, to abandon their dedication, more of a free and easy, a more open-minded, but do not take all the pain the world. A lot of time, we are always innocent, always happy reverie in the distance. After naive, we discovered the very far future, endless reverie, we have designed the most perfect way of life, very few had come to the place. So we know that the experience is real, it is their own imagination as a cloud, only empty dotted heart, can not melt in life. We always love to ignore recent happiness. Everyone wants happiness, the so-called happiness, is never accurate and eternal answers; Jinpen silver spoons, silk clothing and food people might not be happy; Cuyi shoe cloth, bread and water for people, unfortunately, might not; the world is a flower drop of water, may become a source of happiness; happiness has never been rich and poor has nothing to do, nothing to do with status; human happiness, happiness is all about the silence is the best to tell, its better to not say anything helpless. Life is short, why care too much. Heartbroken that he would be insensitive; overdraft tears, after heartless will. Not so brave, you can at least be comfortable with; not so perfect, at least have a clear conscience. The so-called life, is to listen to their cry, laugh for others to see.Rain, there is urgent, there is slow; the road, there are flat, there are sill. Things of the world, and more so, there are smooth, there is an inverse; love life, too, pregnant with sorrow. Good times, do not pride, arrogance, joy can be sustained; the face of adversity, do not be discouraged, hopeless grief,
Added by heniherbal
August 23, 2017

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